Use of Dental Orthopedics in Orthodontics

The use of dental orthopedics in orthodontics has the ability to transform orthodontics.  A good example of how orthopedics can transform orthodontics is no better told than the testimonial by a real orthodontist: see  http://www.realself.com/article/dentofacial-orthopedicsthe-modern-miracle-orthodontics.

The recent inclusion of airway assessment as part of orthodontic records goes a long way to change the fundamental perspective of orthodontics.  With this change alone, the dentist is now considering things of greater significance than cosmetic appearance of teeth.  Establishing adequate airway as part of orthodontic treatment will necessitate inclusion of substantially more dental orthopedic therapy in the course of complete orthodontic treatment.

Ideally, medical history should be included in designing an orthodontic treatment plan,  The medical history needs to be taken with a thorough knowledge of the impact of trigeminal disturbances so as to assess whether there is likely an orthopedic defect.  Of particular significance are trigeminal disturbances that could be causing elevated substance p or reticular formation disturbances.

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