Precise Dental Orthopedics

“Precise dental orthopedics” is a precise and necessary form of dental orthopedics.  It is necessary as many people are hypersensitive after enduring many years of jaw misalignment. The precision comes from having an orthopedic target that is a precise point in space.  Most dentist perform dental orthopedics to satisfy occlusal standards which are a range, but under Precise Dental Orthopedics , treatment is done to satisfy the Biomechanical Principles of Occlusion.  Under Precise Dental Orthopedics, treatment is designed to complete lower jaw position such that it is on a relaxed closing trajectory  (trajectory of least torque).

If dental orthopedics is to become a recognized specialty within dentistry, then there has to be a consensus as to its definition, measurable standards for what is normal and abnormal, and a consensus as to what are appropriate treatment goals.  Currently, many dentists perform dental orthopedics to an imprecise degree of development in not only the transverse plane, but also in the anterior/posterior plane.  Typically, dental orthopedic treatment is done to satisfy the dentist’s sense of what is proper occlusion, but not based on functional tests (Class I occlusion is not acceptable if it is dysfunctional and causes torquing).

There is extensive literature showing that persons with compromised dental orthopedic relationships have very high medical utilization.  It is important that dentists properly evaluated patients, and refer them for proper and precise treatment for their patients future well being.   Because of the major impact of dental orthopedic treatment has on health, it is critical that it be done precisely for maximum effect.   Precise Dental Orthopedics is not only necessary, but critical, particularly when treating individuals than have become hypersensitized as a result of  elevated substance P due to jaw misalignment (partial treatment is not effective at reversing symptoms in hypersensitized individuals as they continue to over react).

Precision in treatment also mandates different appliances and treatment techniques.

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